This is your event, therefore we believe you should be able to select your own sweets.

We allow you to choose up to 10 varieties of sweets, however these must be provided to us 4 weeks prior to your weddings, should you prefer we are happy to select the most popular sweets regulary choosen by other bride and grooms

Should you wish your sweets to be colour coded to your wedding colour scheme, we will be more than happy to send you a list to choose from.

Red Sweets

Cherries, strawberries, fizzy laces, laces, heart throbs, Cherry lips, Strawberry Tarts, strawberry screws.

Blue sweets

Chocolate eclairs, fizzy bubblegum bottles, glacier mints

Black sweets

Black Jacks, liquorice Sweets, Humbugs

Yellow sweets

Fruit salad chewits,
Sherbet lemons, Foam Bananas,

Pink Sweets

Love Hearts,white chocolate icecreams, Mini marshmallows (white), large pink and white marshmallows, Shrimps, strawberries, laces, fizzy laces, chocolate pink hearts, chocolate pigs, Draculas teeth, psycho skulls.

Green sweets

Apple whips, turtles, jelly snakes, sour apple slices, Psycho jelly rats

Purple sweets


Orange sweets

Fried Eggs

Brown sweet

Cola bottles, fizzy cola bottles, Mint humbugs,chocolate raisens, fizzy cola strips, packets of Fizz Whizz, chocolate frogs

White / cream

Chocolate skulls, white mice, Imperial mints, milk bottles, flumps, White chocolate fish and chips,Marshmallows, chocolate ice creams, White jazzies, white chocolate stars.


Flying Saucers, jelly beans, gold bears,Sour suckers, jolly joggers, jelly sharks, Friendship rings, mini jelly babies, Jelly Babies, jelly snakes, midget gems, Jelly spogs, Marshmallow flumps, lollipops, haribo, rainbow sherbet tubes, mini sherbets, dip dabs, skittles, smarties, love hearts, jelly sharks, freaky fish, jelly starfish, rainbow drops

Please note that all sweets are different sizes and for this reason the quantity will vary dependant on the type of sweet.

We will always do our best to supply every sweet you ask for however on the rare occassion this cannot be met a replacement will be made.